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15 February 2009 @ 04:44 pm
1) I like to mix my white wine with applejooce. Esp. if said white wine is stale. I don't know, it's just like making it last longer in that you have more to drink, and that it doesn't seem to taste as acidic. As well, if the apple juice you have is weird, then you don't notice that so much. You can't go wrong, basically.
2) I like to mix my vodka with diet coke. Well, that's not crazy is it? As well, I have like five hundred taste memories that fly up at me whenever I taste that particular combo. Some good, some bad.
3) I like to mix nesquik with instant coffee. It's like, based on the same reasoning as the no.1 mix- only half decent coffee covered up by partially chocolatly tastes, and the fact that nesquik doesn't work so well without milk is covered up by the coffee. It's like a really cheap mocha rip off, methinks.
4) And if you're cold, but without any coffee...... heat up apple juice and/or strawberry squash. In the microwave. S'tasty, trust me.

So yeah.
I'm so prepared for living on my ownsome next year.

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09 January 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Probably because I've been wasting too much of my life on /b/ this week, but I'm sick of guys going on and on about some girl who friend zoned them and went for some awfully unsuitable fellow.
Look, not that anyone would ever read this, but this is why you get friend zoned:

1) You don't grab the moment. Srsly, I went over to this guys house once and would've been happy to do sometype of sex related activity, but no, he had to fix his computer. So I sat there while he fixed his computer. Then a week later when he wanted to know if we were dating, he was suprised when I told him he made a better friend. And I bet he went and moaned about that on /b/ and all. If you're reading this now, Roger- you should've carpe diemed the f out.

2)You're not picking the right girls. If every girl you hang around with actually loves awful guys that aren't you, then maybe she isn't that great. Sure, she might look good, but so does a pair of nike hi-tops. You wouldn't want to date them, though. Or would you? If yes, you really are making bad choices, although at least shoes have no say in the matter and can't friend zone you. Anyway, back to the point in hand: Some girls make bad choices, and are probably not, despite what rom coms would have you think, gonna be changing that until after their first divorce. Keep in contact with them, then pick them up.

3) You aren't as nice as you think you are. Frankly, half of those guys who think they're oh-so-nice, then go on /b/ and say awful things about these girls they supposedly are devoted to. If you secretly resent a girl because she won't touch you, then we'll probably pick up on that. Girls are generally clever that way. Boys are too, in case that's whom is friend zoning you. You also seem to be quite moany, and clingy. Clingy is the least attractive persoanlity trait ever. End of. Moany can be funny, but if you do it endlessly, it becomes less so.

4) Finally, life sucks. Sometimes you might be perfect for someone, but if she's not seeing it, then you won't be either.

And hence endeth my rant.
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27 July 2008 @ 09:02 pm
What foods can you not live without, and what foods can you not stomach?
I love mexican stuff. Or, actually, it's a watered down anglicised version of mexican stuff, but I love it anyway. Fajitas are ace, spicy chicken, salsa and so on. I also love varous watered down anglicised versions of italian food, and stir fries.
 I'm a total carnivore, although it's mostly because when I do live on my own I'm never going to afford meat, so I'm makign the most of it now. I absolutly love meat, esp. steak, and definetly when it's rare. The blood gives it flavour.
Coversely, I hate well done meat- not only did you waste energy in over cooking your food, you also made it icky and bland. I also don't like pork on it's own. It doesn't have any flavour, you know. I do like bacon though.
I also have issues with fish... unless the whole fishiness of it is hidden away from me under lots of batter, I won't eat it. Except maybe tuna. But only just.
My final issue is with sunday dinner, which is the whole yorkshire pudding peas/carrots/some kind of meat/broccoli/potatoes thing. It seriously is the most boring thing in the world. I've had it pretty much every sunday since the dawn of time, aside from summer where we get a respite and have salad (which I love as well) .
But aside from that, I'm like a goat and will eat pretty much anything else.
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27 July 2008 @ 08:53 pm
What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?
My first ever album I ever owned was some kind of pop album, I think probably S Club 7 and why am I even pretending I don't know. Of course I do. It was S Club 7's Sunshine, and I loved every song on it apart from the one that had the word blue in it because at the time I really hated the boy band blue, so therefore any song that even mentioned blue clearly deserved to die.
But the first album I ever actually bought, with my own money, would be Busted's first album. That's when I started to listen to a band who played their own instrument's -however questionably. From there on I actually began to think about music as more than background noise, as a form of self expression and so on. Seems bad Busted was the one to show me the way, esp. considering that the next album they did was actually pretty terrible (Some horrible watered down form of pop pop punk? No thanks), but I think by then I'd moved on a bit and was onto lostprophets. I still have a poster of busted on my wall though, with Jamie smiling, Matt gurning and Charlie the indie kid being all serious. Honestly though... what was with his eyebrows?
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